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X4 Foundations Collectors Edition Update 4 Multi

Release: X4.Foundations.Collectors.Edition.Update.4.MULTi2-x.X.RIDDICK.X.x

Datum: 06.12.2018
Größe:  535 MB
Klicks: 26
Uploader: Checcker
Gruppe: x.X.RIDDICK.X.x
Passwort: Warez-Heaven.ws
xrel ign
X4: Foundations 1.21 Update Released
5. Dezember - Egosoft
ò Improved automatic GPU selection to prioritise discrete GPUs.
ò Fixed freeze when saving the game.
ò Fixed some causes of freezes when starting the game.
ò Fixed cause of a crash after loading savegame.
ò Fixed upgrade orders becoming non-functional when loading a savegame.
ò Fixed money not being refunded for cancelled upgrades.
ò Fixed ships not being claimable from the space suit.
ò Fixed a case that could result in AutoTraders sometimes trading at a loss.
ò Fixed excessive delay between damage and start of repairs.
ò Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.
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