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EarthLings Must Die Englisch

Release: EarthLings.Must.Die-SKIDROW

Datum: 14.10.2019
Größe:  615 MB
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Uploader: Checcker
Passwort: Warez-Heaven.ws
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Earthlings must die! is a new physics-based destruction simulator.

Fly around the human cities in your advanced craft, unleash your laser cannons on the fleeing humans and turn them into ash and bone.

Wave your laser across the cities and watch the buildings crumble and explode to pieces.

Break down the city defenses, fry the ground units and soldiers, use your tractor beam to vacuum up the humans and eat there flesh to replenish the ships energy fields.

launch an FPS ground invasion to locate the cities officials and eviscerate them!

Ten challenging levels to explore and unleash total destruction!
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